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  • > Society for Renaissance Studies 8th Biennial Conference

    Event Date: 
    03 Jul 2018 to 05 Jul 2018

    University of Sheffield


    Detail from Enea Vico, after Parmigianino,

    Venus and Mars Embracing as Vulcan Works at his Forge, 1543


    Confirmed Keynote Speakers:

    • Prof. Stephen Campbell (Johns Hopkins)
    • Prof. Lyndal Roper (Oxford)
    • Prof. Emma Smith (Oxford)
    • Prof. Feisal Mohamed (CUNY)


    The SRS Conference is an interdisciplinary event for scholars working on the period c. 1400-1700. Areas of study represented at previous conferences include archeaology, archite...

  • > SRS Book Series

    This series is dedicated to the exploration of the many cultures of knowledge, learning, reading and performing in the Renaissance and Early Modern world (c.1400-c.1700). We invite high quality proposals for monographs and edited volumes from across the wide range of existing and possible future fields of Renaissance and early modern studies.


    The series is interdisciplinary, comparative and global in its outlook. We welcome submissions from new as well as existing fields of Renaissance Stu...

  • > SRS@50




    We are pleased to announce three events to celebrate fifty years of the Society for Renaissance Studies. These are all based on the theme of the ‘Renaissance of the Senses’. There will be two public lectures on John Donne and the sense of smell in Dublin (13 September) and on Silent Shakespeare in York (6 October). We are also jointly sponsoring the launch of The Anne Boleyn Music Book at the Royal College of Music on 24 September.


    We are delighted that we have been abl...

  • > Renaissance Studies Latest Issue (September 2017)

    The latest issue of Renaissance Studies (Vol 31, no. 4, September 2017) is now available on-line via the Wiley-Blackwell website. 



    • Stephen Hamrick, ‘“His wel beloved doughter Lady Mary”: representing Mary Tudor in 1534’, (pages 497-518)
    • Julie Robarts ‘An example of ambivalent seventeenth-century Dante reception: Arcangela Tarabotti’s uses of the Commedia in her Semplicità ingannata’, (pages 519-531)
    • Mary Ann Lund, ‘Donne’s convalescence’, (pages 532-548)
    • Joseph Jarrett, ‘Quantifyi...

  • > SRS at English Shared Futures


    The Society for Renaissance Studies organised four panels at the English Shared Futures conference, which ran from 5th – 7th July 2017 in Newcastle. This conference was the first of its kind in the UK, drawing together researchers and teachers of English: it was organised by the English Association, University English and the National Association of Writers in Education, with the support of the Institute of English Studies and the Higher Education Academy. The SRS was one of several learned...